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Chinatelecom call outsourcing service center (Chengdu also has enterprise standards, industry standards, etc.) held a banking salon ctiforum on October 22 (Zhang Chen): on October 13, on the second floor of parrot coffee, Chengdu banking elites gathered together, and a wonderful banking salon was held here. The salon was hosted by Chinatelecom call outsourcing service center (Chengdu). More than 10 state-owned banks, joint-stock banks and foreign banks came to the experimental trip to have an in-depth exchange on bank card business (credit card activity notification, marketing, credit investigation, collection and payment, data entry, etc.) and jointly discuss the current situation and development trend of bank card business

according to the data provided by the China Banking Association, by the end of 2008, the number of credit cards issued in China had reached nearly 130million, and the balance of accounts receivable of credit cards was 158.21 billion yuan. Credit card consumption has become an important way of national consumption. Credit card business has become a new profit growth point for major banks, followed by huge investment and heavy work in credit card sales, credit investigation, data entry, activity notification, collection and payment, etc

there is a saying in the industry that "do what you are best at, and leave the rest to the outsourcing center". In fact, with the rapid growth of the scale of credit cards, banks should pay more attention to product innovation, differentiated operation, improving the cardholder's sense of using cards and other key links, from "horse racing enclosure" to "intensive cultivation". Other basic work such as credit card sales, credit investigation, data entry, activity notification, collection and payment can be outsourced. As a result, there is a convergence point between telecom business and banking business, Chinatelecom outsourcing service center (Chengdu) has successively carried out good cooperation with "China Construction Bank, Bank of China and other banks in the field of credit card outbound calls.

Chinatelecom call outsourcing service center (Chengdu) Officially launched on may9,2008, as the largest call outsourcing service center in Western China, it has nearly 2000 seats of operating capacity and has accumulated rich operating experience in banking, insurance, government, it and other fields; The center has passed the industry authoritative "CCCS Five-Star Customer Contact Center certification", 2 and the concentration of ethanol must not be lower than 99.5%, otherwise the experimental results will be affected. In 2008 and 2009, the center was rated as "China's best outsourcing call center" by authoritative institutions; It is expected that the number of seats in the center will increase to 5000 within three to five years, and the center will actively enter the international outsourcing market, expand overseas call business, and become an outsourcing call center with international standards

the participating banks of the salon include the four major state-owned banks of industrial and agricultural China Construction, postal savings bank, Bank of communications, China Merchants Bank, Everbright Bank, China CITIC Bank, China Minsheng Bank, Shenzhen Development Bank, Bank of Chengdu, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, etc. Senior executives of major banks have expressed their views and expressed their views, which has sparked many wise and happy sparks, and will have a positive impact on Chengdu to build a national financial service background and outsourcing service base

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