The most popular technology vmp1000 video monitori

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The vmp1000 video monitoring platform of Zhenyou technology

has strong scalability. It pays more attention to contact with foreign countries. According to customer needs, it can expand monitoring at will. It can carry out effective exchange points through computers efficiently. A monitoring point is a centralized monitoring management platform

the centralized monitoring and management platform supports multi screen image preview and image polling, as well as image preview and linkage alarm functions for electronic map operation

the most advanced completion port technology is adopted on the network, which is more efficient than the general TCP network transmission quality in the same network environment, and supports disconnection and reconnection

support various mainstream board card DVRs and various mainstream embedded DVRs or DVS in the market today

support remote configuration of front-end video capture server, remote playback of video files of front-end video capture server, remote control of PTZ or other related equipment of front-end video capture server

support TV wall function

record the alarm log of the front-end server on the centralized monitoring and management platform, and query the alarm log in real time

support voice intercom and voice broadcast between management platforms or between management platforms and front-end video capture servers

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