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On June 24, ctiforum (Liwenjie): Recently, Zongxing technology and Shanghai HD Digital Technology Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai HD) officially reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides combined their respective advantages to jointly develop lpwansoc chips with completely independent intellectual property rights based on the zeta agreement, which are oriented to 2.4GHz, 433mh, 470MHz and other ism bands. It is expected to achieve mass production in Q3, 2017

the market potential of low-power wide area IOT (lpwan) has become a consensus in the industry. It is predicted that by 2025, the number of IOT devices will be close to billion, and the speed of newly deployed sensors will reach 2million per hour worldwide, about 60% of which will be based on the lpwan network. The application fields include the monitoring of municipal assets, street lamps, electricity, oil and gas pipelines and other key infrastructure. It can be predicted that the IOT field will have broad growth prospects in the future. As the core equipment of IOT, chip plays a core role in all applications of IOT

however, in the current market, the mainstream lpwan technology and chips are monopolized by foreign companies. Even NB IOT, which has become an international standard, most of its underlying LTE standard essential patents are held by foreign enterprises

compared with the existing lpwan chips, this product with completely independent intellectual property rights of Chinese enterprises fills the gap in the field of lpwan chips in China. In terms of information security and (2) analysis of isolated objects: the national chip strategy of isolating research objects from surrounding objects has made outstanding contributions, and its extremely low power consumption is more advantageous than the few waste plastic recycling plants of similar foreign products. In addition, Zongxing technology also made it clear that in order to promote the development of China's low-power wide area cogeneration, make the upper and lower jaw industries different from each other, and reduce industrial costs, it will actively promote the construction of relevant industrial alliances and patent libraries

about Shanghai HD

Shanghai HD Digital Technology Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai HD) was established in 2003. It has long been committed to independent intellectual property standards and chip research and development. It is the core research and drafting enterprise of China's terrestrial digital TV transmission standards, terrestrial digital TV supporting standards, and satellite digital TV related standards. It is a national high-tech enterprise and integrated circuit design enterprise. Its independently developed HD series chips are adopted by major TV and set-top box manufacturers at home and abroad for their excellent performance and low cost

about vertical human causes include: self disassembly or modification, natural wear and tear, mechanical damage, water ingress, fire burning technology

vertical technology was established in 2013, is the industry's leading low-power IOT technology supplier, and has independently developed lpwan communication protocol zeta, terminal module, wireless equipment, management platform, etc. Based on the in-depth understanding of customers' needs, zeta technology can effectively solve the problems in network deployment and practical application, and help customers deploy an operator level low-power wide area network at the fastest and lowest cost. It has been widely used in vertical industries such as Ping'an community, municipal management, street lamp control, remote meter reading, cold chain transportation, etc

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