12 types of washbasins with intimate design

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These are the 12 products we selected for you, from material, style to color and size, without exception, all of which are carefully designed to ensure that you can finish the cleaning work comfortably

these are the 12 products we selected for you. From material, style to color and size, without exception, all of them have carefully designed signs to ensure that you can finish the cleaning work comfortably

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1. Corner wash basin

in irregular toilets, corner space is difficult to use. This corner washbasin design can make better use of space. Wall mounted installation is adopted, and lockers can be placed under the sewer pipes. Attention should be paid to the waterproof treatment of the wall surface where the wall type upper and lower water pipes pass

2. Integration of faucet and washbasin

it is a basic principle to buy a washbasin first and then equip it with a faucet, but it happens that the two products cannot be matched. What should we do? This integrated design of the faucet basin does not need to spend more time matching. The whole product has smooth lines and is very comfortable in every way. The integrated design is also very convenient in the process of use, easy to clean, and will not leave a corner of life and death

3. Set the faucet on the right

when washing our face, we will turn our head to the side of the faucet, on the one hand, to avoid bumping, and at the same time, we can get closer to the water flow. The right design of the faucet mounting hole solves this problem and improves the series of washbasins. Whether washing hands or faces, the faucet will not become an obstacle, which is very convenient

4. Squeeze out the storage space

more storage space does not mean that a large-size washbasin is necessary. This model uses “ Wide edge and deep bottom ” The washbasin designed in principle, after ensuring the basic size of the basin, all the remaining space is reserved for placing items. The maximum storage space is 12 cm, and all kinds of handy cleaning products can be placed on it

5. Warm and minimalist

the cold straight line and black-and-white tone make such a cold bathroom seem to be thousands of miles away. The design of inlaying flower patterns on the edge of the basin suddenly makes people feel very warm. Inspired by flower elements, you can match some decorations in other parts of the bathroom, such as non slip mats, towels, cups, etc

6. Design with splash proof plate

the front of the wash basin is most likely to be polluted by water stains. If tiles are pasted, after cleaning, the sewage may flow to the edge of the basin, which is very difficult to clean. This design with splash board, seamless form, easy to clean. After each use, just wipe it gently to remove water stains and dirt

7. Scented washbasin

the design is inspired by the fruit washbasin, giving it a third feeling besides touch and vision, that is, taste. Running water through the lemon shaped basin seems to be able to send out a fresh fragrance, giving people a clean and comfortable experience

8. Washbasin growing on the wall

the washbasin installed on the wall is originally to save space. This design looks like an organic part of the wall, which naturally pours out of the wall, highlighting the concept of integration. The matching of basin and half column makes the transition natural and smooth, ensuring hygiene and easy cleaning. The decorative board with the same width of 30 cm extends from both sides of the washbasin, which not only blocks the sewage pipeline, but also can be installed with towel poles, storage racks, etc., without directly punching holes on the wall, which is very humanized

9. Pre retention tray

when washing hands daily, sometimes it is necessary to take off valuable jewelry or watches and put them directly on the surface of the washbasin, which is very unsafe. This asymmetrically designed washbasin is specially designed with a concave area on the edge of the faucet, and is equipped with an integrated exquisite decorative plate, which can place flowers or temporarily store jewelry ornaments, which is both beautiful and practical

10. Safe and hygienic washbasin

in the flu season, frequent hand washing and face washing is also an important measure of protection. In addition to cleaning the surface after each use, this easy to clean self-cleaning glaze is not easy to accumulate water and scale, and water droplets will not remain on the ceramic surface. The dirt can be removed by gently wiping. Ensure the safety and hygiene of the washbasin

11. Washbasin with table top

the space at the lower part of the basin will be wasted, and the column basin does not have enough storage space. This washbasin with table top alleviates this contradiction. There is no need to worry about the material of the countertop and whether the installation fits perfectly. The wash basin with the countertop makes everything simple. If it's a double bathroom, just choose one with a table top, and a mobile storage unit can be placed below, which is very practical

12. Simple bowls and basins on the stage

bowls and basins on the stage have always been an important decorative element in the bathroom. Bowls and basins of various materials can be seen, but sometimes some practicality has to be sacrificed for beauty. This is the most concise bowl and basin. You can spend more time on the matching of the countertop. You can pave mosaic or use marble surface. Simple bowls and basins are the most convenient to use. Pay attention to the height of bowl and basin installation

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