How to prevent paint discoloration

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The discoloration of paint mainly refers to the discoloration of varnish. The varnish was originally transparent, colorless or very light yellow. After changing color, it became brown or black. Color paint also has the phenomenon of discoloration, which is mainly manifested in the darker color of light color paint

◆ there may be several reasons for paint discoloration:

1. The ester solvent in the varnish will react with the iron container and turn black after encountering water

2. Turpentine is easy to produce red brown pigment in iron bucket

3. Gold and silver powder and varnish are prone to acid corrosion, making the paint green, dark and lustrous

4. The storage period is too long and the sediment changes color

◆ the prevention and treatment methods are:

1. Use non-metallic containers to contain shellac varnish that is most prone to discoloration

2. Add gold powder and silver powder before using the varnish, and do not add it into the varnish too early for storage

3. If it is not a quality problem, the paint that discolors the precipitation can still be used after full mixing





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