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Many people have regarded interior design as a way that can best show the creative activities of modern living environment, and believe that it not only shows a basic cultivation of dealing with the environment and understanding life, but also has an important impact on people's spiritual life. This special corner of bathroom space can better reflect people's pursuit of spiritual life. Dominated by this concept, many people pursue a personalized and comfortable feeling in the design of bathroom space

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in such a bathroom space, do you also want to listen to music in the bathtub, or drink red wine while reading while taking a bath, so as to enjoy an interesting life easily and freely

I. fully open and transparent bathroom

the bathroom with a clear window is best designed as an open space connected to the bedroom. The natural light coming in from the bathroom window just complements the light in the bedroom and enhances the brightness of the environment

1. Building means: skillfully set glass partitions to divide the space in a transparent way. Key points: the exhaust of the master bathroom is better

2. Material elements: use various stones to create an economical bathroom

3. Design elements: the glass shower room divides the space in the bathroom and enhances the openness and brightness of the bathroom

4. Utensil elements: the storage compartment under the bathtub solves more storage problems

II. Semi open style bathroom

skillfully use soft partitions such as shutters and bead curtains to separate the space at one time “ Open ” Made on the keynote of “ Privacy ”, Give yourself a flexible choice

1. Pattern elements: the low wall partition in the bathroom cleverly separates the space

2. Material elements: Sequin bead curtain creates a charming and romantic bathroom

3. Utensil elements: the wash basin outside the bathroom is very convenient to use

, independent plain and elegant place

use color to effectively make up for the lack of area and lighting. Choosing light colored sanitary ware and walls, floor tiles and ceilings can make the bathroom with small area and lack of light source look more spacious and bright than it actually is

1. Utensil elements: use hardware to save small space

2. Design elements: if the bathroom area is small, it is best to continue the style of the bedroom in the design

3. For a small bathroom, you might as well install a shower curtain rod, which can not only beautify the bathroom, but also waterproof

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