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With the accelerated pace of modern life, everything strives to be simple and simplified. Many businesses have also seen this business opportunity and have racked their brains to create a more convenient and simplified life for some "lazy" modern people, so the telescopic clothes rack "came into being"

as the pace of modern life accelerates, everything strives to be simple and simplified. Many businesses also see this business opportunity and rack their brains for some “ Lazy ” Modern people create a more convenient and simplified life, so the telescopic clothes rack “ Came into being &rdquo

Sunburst clothes rack

modern society has changed the traditional way of life, and the telescopic clothes rack has also changed the traditional way of clothes drying. Now, people don't need to use clothes poles to hang clothes one by one on the clothes poles on the balcony, and they don't have to worry about clothes being blown into a pile or falling by the wind

the space planning of the telescopic clothes rack needs to be made into an emotional platform in advance. When you live in, you will find that dripping clothes cannot be dried; The gap between the living room and the balcony is too high, and the clothes pole is installed too low. You can see a clothes hanger when you enter the door “ Dancing and flying ”; The small balcony in the kitchen is designed as a laundry room. As a result, cooking and laundry constitute a pair of irreconcilable contradictions &hellip& hellip; These negative cases remind consumers that the drying space must be planned in advance, otherwise it will really open “ Dry ” At that time, there are not only many inconveniences, but also affect the beauty of the room

Zhong Lijing, designer of guang'anju decoration Guilin company, said that sufficient sunshine and good ventilation can ensure the fast and healthy drying process of clothes. When decorating, we should try to plan the drying space to the living balcony. Some house types have a small storage balcony in the kitchen. Although this balcony is relatively hidden, it is not recommended to use it as a laundry space because the balcony is too close to the kitchen and it is not convenient to install doors due to space constraints. In order to avoid lampblack from getting on the clothes, it is helpless to stagger the time of cooking and drying clothes

“ If there are more than two balconies in the home, it is best to plan the clothes drying space on the balcony of the living room outside the living room, which will be relatively beautiful. If the clothes drying space is the balcony of the living room, it is recommended to use folding clothes hangers instead of lifting clothes hangers, so that the whole room will be cleaner and more beautiful& rdquo;




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