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In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion on the issue of printing wages, with different views, but the consensus view is that it is urgent to adjust to make it more reasonable. Because it must be related to the healthy and sustainable development of the printing industry. This paper puts forward some personal views and is willing to discuss with peers

the operation of printing enterprises is worrying.

whether in the era of planned economy or in the early stage of reform and opening up, the printing industry is a sunrise industry, thriving and prosperous for a long time. But in the past decade, the global economy, including China, has slowed down. Great changes have taken place in the external economic environment, and the development of China's printing industry has also been affected and impacted. There is a serious surplus of printing capacity, and there are many book printing enterprises, resulting in fierce competition. In addition, the cost of raw and auxiliary materials, workers' wages and other factors have risen sharply, and financing difficulties have led to a serious shortage of funds. In addition, the current situation that the supply of printing capacity exceeds the demand is difficult to be effectively changed in the short term, resulting in a serious shortage of live parts in enterprises. Generally, the production capacity of book printing enterprises is idle at about 40%. At this moment, the printing price has not risen synchronously with the rising cost, but has fallen continuously. This makes it even more difficult for India, which was originally difficult to operate, to brush enterprises according to the green building action plan issued by China. Printing enterprises that have stopped production, half stopped production and are on the verge of bankruptcy in all provinces and urban areas have also emerged one after another. Many leaders of printing enterprises have made many explorations in order to change the difficult business situation. What's more, they looked for buyers everywhere, rented the whole enterprise, and tried to fade out of the printing industry

printing price urgently needs to be returned to rationality.

printing price deviates from printing cost seriously, and low printing price is one of the important reasons. The printing price of teaching materials is the forerunner of the whole printing industry, and its level directly or indirectly affects and drives the change of the whole printing industry. As a special commodity, the price of teaching materials has always been controlled by the government. In the past decade, in order to reduce the economic burden of primary and secondary school students and their parents, the state and the government have continuously adjusted and controlled the pricing of teaching materials by a large margin, resulting in a sharp decline in the profits of textbook publishing. As the middle and lower reaches of the publishing chain, printing prices have also naturally declined, which can be described as a loss to all. In addition, with the increasingly fierce competition in the textbook publishing market, publishing houses are no longer sitting around making money, but also engaging in publicity, promotion and running around in the market. In this case, both publishing houses and printing houses have a hard time

to solve the fundamental problem, we should reasonably adjust the pricing of teaching materials and printing prices according to the economic law. However, due to various reasons, the electronic tensile testing machine is now more and more often used in the laboratories of plastic injection molding and extrusion manufacturers. Although the printing price has been slightly adjusted, the range is too small, which is a drop in the bucket. If this continues, it may repeat the mistakes of publishing books in the 1960s and 1970s. The reasonable return of printing price must be paid great attention to by the industry and a solution must be found to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the whole national economy

reasonable printing price needs coordination and cooperation

in view of various reasons, it is difficult to achieve a reasonable printing price for a while, but we can strive towards this goal step by step through efforts in all aspects

both publishing houses and printing houses are important members of the publishing family, which are interdependent and inseparable from each other. Publishing houses should, within their capabilities, take the initiative to raise unreasonable printing wages, take the initiative to implement the guiding price of printing wages, and help printing enterprises tide over difficulties. This is also conducive to the further development of the publishing house, which can be described as a win-win situation for the society and the factory

printing enterprises should also face the current unreasonable printing price with a normal mentality, correctly understand its objective existence and improve their coping ability. Printing plants should actively seek for vitality and improve work efficiency; Strengthen scientific management and try to reduce various costs; Adjust the product structure to meet the various needs of the market for printing products. In doing so, we will not only have sufficient living resources, but also have the dominant power and discourse power to determine the printing price in our own hands. Of course, printing enterprises should also take the initiative to report their problems and difficulties to the relevant government departments and industry associations. A good solution is to divide the polishing into two stages and hold real data to explain the irrationality of the current printing price, objectively reflect their own demands, and attract the attention and attention of all parties

price rise has become an irreversible phenomenon in the global economic development at present and for a long time to come. Under the current circumstances, a reasonable printing price is inseparable from government regulation. At the beginning of the 21st century, the government's price limit on textbook pricing is correct and reasonable. But up to now, the economic situation has changed a lot. The cost of textbook publishing and printing has soared, which is seriously deviated from the pricing and labor price. It is in urgent need of scientific calculation and reasonable adjustment. The time is ripe for the price of teaching materials and printing to return to a reasonable level

the printing association is a member home of printing enterprises. Its basic function is to build a communication bridge and link between enterprises and the government, and promote the healthy development and prosperity of the printing industry. In the past few years, according to the demands and appeals of printing enterprises, after careful investigation, data collection and analysis, and reasonable and orderly communication with publishing houses, many printing associations in provinces and urban areas have formulated the printing price guidance price recognized by both sides, which has done a practical and good thing for printing enterprises when purchasing a universal experimental machine. However, the association should not stop at this point. It should truthfully reflect the reality of the printing industry and enterprises to the relevant government departments, and put forward suggestions and plans to rationalize the printing price, so that the government can know and reference

as long as all parties reach a consensus and work together, the problem of printing price can be completely solved

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