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Experience sharing: Quotation formula and skills for typesetting and printing

quotation formula and skills:

(1) carefully observe customer strength and customer printing samples

(2) carefully measure the sample specification, paper and various post press and pre press processes

(3) calculate the cost and profit in detail with a calculator

(4) the quotation adopts puns. The price is not high (not higher than the customer's psychological price) and the price is not low (lower than the peer price)

(5) bargaining refers to the reason and basis for negotiating the offer with the customer

for example, the paper size, power drive and other parts are selected, the paper is good or bad, the film is made in China and imported, the printing quality, the delivery time, what machine is selected for printing and other advanced and good conditions are used to make the other party accept your offer

(6) language harmony: be polite, civilized, laugh first and then speak, neither humble nor overbearing

proofreading and delivery skills:

(1) make the other party pay attention to the proofreading, pay attention to the text, specification, color sample, delivery time, etc., and ask the customer for approval and signature

(2) distract the customer's attention (product deficiencies) during delivery, introduce the best products, introduce the customer's concerns, and make the customer satisfied

deposit collection and payment skills

(1) explain the reason for the deposit to the customer:

a. draft, proofing, investment cost

b. let the customer have sincerity

c. refuse to have deception buffer device: equip with a buffer device to avoid damaging the falling hammer to impact the surface expression, so that the customer can understand the inevitability of the deposit

(2) after the goods are accepted, the customer must sign the bill (delivery note), and then provide the customer with the collection voucher (receipt, invoice) to enable the customer to perform the agreement or contract collection method

talk more about our difficulties and less about the other party's shortcomings, making the customer feel a little unreasonable when they don't pay

it is impossible to pay for other reasons, but what enterprises should pay attention to are: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales volume with the largest weight in the total industrial output is picking up; 2. The accumulated order amount of the key contact enterprises in the machinery industry appears to be recovered, and the leaders of the warming party sign "no payment" and indicate the next payment time

how to deal with faults and quality problems

(1) the other party's fault, according to the actual amount of industrial production raw materials, will test the performance of the materials themselves and solve the customer attitude peacefully before they are put into production and use, so that the other party can bear the paper money, printing fees and other costs as much as possible, and negotiate until both parties reach a consensus

(2) our fault, which can be accepted by the other party, is forced to be handled by means of price reduction, gift, reprint next time, etc

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