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Experience of using Dyson V11 complete vacuum cleaner and comments on quotation configuration

Dyson V11 complete vacuum cleaner is a new vacuum cleaner from Dyson. Let's take a look at the experience, price and configuration of Dyson V11 complete vacuum cleaner. I hope it can help you choose and refer to it

I. first hand experience of Dyson V11 complete vacuum cleaner:

this Dyson V11 complete vacuum cleaner was sold for a second at ¥ 5290.00 in a certain place. I shared my experience after using it for a period of time: I did not make a mistake. There are many functions. Although it is more expensive, I think it is worth it. There are really many suction heads, and they can clear dead corners. The sound is not acceptable. I hope the endurance time will be more perfect

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Dyson v11 complete

I. Dyson V11 complete JD event price:

JD seckill: ¥ 5290.00

JD latest event link:

Dyson v11 complete

II. Dyson V11 complete configuration parameters:

Dyson v11 complete

III. Dyson V11 complete other user comments:

it was purchased by Jingdong on the 12th day of the Lunar New Year and received on the same day, JD's speed is still as fast as ever. It took several times to evaluate the Dyson vacuum cleaner when it was used for the first time. It's really easy to use. It has a large suction force. It can use all ten kinds of suction heads. It's much easier to clean dead corners at home. It's OK to use the automatic gear. The battery capacity is OK. The carpet mattress is very easy to use. It can suck out a lot of things. The quality of things is good. I'm very satisfied with the poor sensitivity of the dial pointer

Dyson v11 complete

Dyson V11 intelligent cordless vacuum cleaner is a customized version of the gift box. I like it very much when opening the box. All components are placed neatly in the box. The ten types of suction heads are suitable for most use scenarios. The vacuum cleaner has strong suction, cleans the house cleanly, and the house is dusty. It is very convenient to use. High end black technology and comfortable life begin with Dyson

Dyson vacuum cleaner v11 complete

is a little lighter than expected. The whole body is black and super beautiful! Ten heads basically meet all needs! You can see that the design of the remaining time is very considerate. You don't have to worry about running out of power 1 The pulse test method is specified, and the V11 battery life is sufficient after charging. The energy-saving gear is basically 70 minutes! Mid range can also guarantee 35 minutes! It's easy to use. It's also good to have pet hair sucking at home

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