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Shantui experience exchange: buy a bulldozer and recognize the Shantui brand.

Shantui experience exchange: buy a bulldozer and recognize the Shantui brand.

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Bai Zhisong is an individual boss specialized in bulldozer leasing business in Shunyi, Beijing. Now he has 12 mountain bulldozers and employs 13 drivers. He was the earliest operator of an excavator. Talking about his entrepreneurial road, baizhisong frankly said that the excellent product quality of Shantui bulldozer is a solid guarantee for his entrepreneurial success

the bulldozer purchased by Bai Zhisong is working at the same time

"I switched to the bulldozer leasing business around 2013. At the beginning, I bought a shantui-2 bulldozer, which developed some corresponding product technologies in the Shanghai R & D center. It was very easy to use. After a few years, the company's benefits increased. After a certain scale, I purchased the first Shantui bulldozer in 2016, which was also the first national third bulldozer sold by Shantui in Beijing at that time." Bai Zhisong said that when he was preparing to buy bulldozers for the first time, many brand salespeople approached him, but finally decided to buy Shantui. In his opinion, the appearance, process and product quality of Shantui equipment are very good. In addition, the professional business level of Shantui sales and service personnel has given him confidence in purchasing follow-up equipment. After realizing the high efficiency and low consumption of Shantui bulldozers, baizhisong purchased several Shantui sd16 bulldozers from 2016 to 2019 for the local municipal greening project in Shunyi, Beijing

"the environmental protection requirements in Beijing are very strict. Shantui company timely launched bulldozers that meet the national three emission requirements, just to meet my procurement needs." Bai Zhisong said that the bulldozers purchased by his company will not only be leased to others, but also undertake some construction projects. Whether they are leased to others or used by their own drivers, they are full of praise for the quality of Shantui bulldozers

Bai Zhisong's Shantui bulldozer

except that he is very satisfied with the quality of Shantui, he appreciates the after-sales service of Shantui. "Shantui's after-sales service is very good and timely, which can be said to be 'nanny' type. It often takes the initiative to help check the equipment and inform the daily maintenance. In 2013, Liansu Group sold 1003 million tons of PVC pipes and accessories for maintenance. It will arrive within 2 hours after the repair, and the Spring Festival is no exception." Bai Zhisong said that over the years since purchasing Shantui bulldozers, there has never been a large Leeb hardness tester. What are the precautions when using it? Next, the technicians of our company will explain to you the problems in the precautions of the Leeb hardness tester. Usually, it is some routine maintenance and small parts replacement, which helps him save a lot of later maintenance costs

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