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Starting the experience tour of the capital of construction machinery, the Chinese and foreign media observation group visited Shanhe intelligent

starting the experience tour of the capital of construction machinery, the Chinese and foreign media observation group visited Shanhe intelligent

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the 2019 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition to be held next year will take "intelligent new generation construction machinery" as the theme, highlight the application and development of intelligent manufacturing, interconnection + in the field of construction machinery, Promote technological innovation in the construction machinery industry. Around the theme of the exhibition, the organizing committee specially planned a two-day observation and experience tour in Changsha, the capital of construction machinery

on October 19, 2018, an observation group composed of more than 40 industry media at home and abroad entered Shanhe intelligence. Members of the delegation included 14 industry media from Russia, India, France and other countries, as well as more than 30 industry media in China. Huangzhixiong and longjucai, deputy general managers of Shanhe Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and the high degree of automation of the international camp in 2012 greatly reduced the time for the experiment for the manufacturers who purchased the experimental machine. The global economy will gradually recover. Some leaders of the marketing company, the marketing department and the manufacturing system will participate in the reception

during this visit, Shanhe intelligence demonstrated its strong pioneering innovation strength to friends from mainstream media in the industry at home and abroad. Liyuyu, director of Shanhe intelligent manufacturing, first led Chinese and foreign media friends to visit the comprehensive equipment manufacturing workshop. The comprehensive equipment workshop mainly produces steel hydraulic static pile driver, series rotary drilling rig, pile frame, double power head and other underground engineering equipment products refined by this method

then the media and their delegation visited the shield machine workshop of China Railway Shanhe. Cuijinzhou, general manager of China Railway Shanhe, explained the equipment performance of the earth pressure balance shield machine to everyone. In order to let everyone have a more intuitive understanding of the shield machine construction principle, China Railway Shanhe specially arranged to broadcast the shield machine construction video on site, which fully demonstrated the strong strength of Shanhe as an underground engineering equipment expert

through this visit, Chinese and foreign media friends had a further understanding and understanding of Shanhe intelligence. 8. Cooling medium: ethanol or other unfrozen liquid. They also appreciated Shanhe intelligence's attitude of striving for perfection in the field of engineering equipment. At the same time, Chinese and foreign media friends gave high praise to Shanhe intelligence's outstanding achievements and brand influence in the industry under the "one point, three lines" strategic layout in recent years

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