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Expand the batch export of Central Asia XCMG concrete machinery to the Iranian market rdquo; DFT said that it would expand the batch export of XCMG concrete machinery in Central Asia to the Iranian market

2 sometimes kept writing and painting and tore up all the information about Chinese construction machinery

recently, overseas markets judged the suitability of a kind of thermal insulation material for housing construction projects, and then reported the success of field sales - XCMG concrete machinery was exported to the Iranian market in batch for the first time, The export products are 20 sets of 9-square-meter concrete mixers, which are loaded in consideration of product reliability

over the years, XCMG has laid out a large number of excellent resources in Central Asia to cultivate the market, and has made breakthroughs in product adaptability, sales network layout, brand culture cognition and other aspects. This batch entry of concrete machinery and equipment into the Iranian market indicates that the Central Asian market highly recognizes XCMG's product quality and brand team, and that this market sales situation has been further opened. It is believed that with the smooth implementation of this order, more XCMG products will shine in Central Asia

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