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The tour exhibition of CIMC Lingyu in Northwest China is hot. Introduction: since the opening of the spring tour exhibition of CIMC Lingyu special purpose vehicles in 2012 in early March, the tour exhibitions around the country are hot. The tour exhibitions in Northwest China are mainly in Gansu and Ningxia provinces. The tour in Gansu started in late March. For half a month, CIMC Lingyu's mixer truck started from Lanzhou and passed through Dingxi, Longxi, Tianshui

since the opening of CIMC Lingyu 2012 special purpose vehicle spring tour exhibition in early March, the tour exhibitions in various places have been in full swing. The tour exhibitions in Northwest China are mainly in Gansu and Ningxia. The tour in Gansu started in late March. In the past half a month, CIMC has conducted two times of efficient extraction of iron resources and poor and difficult iron ores. Lingyu's mixer truck started from Lanzhou, passed Dingxi, Longxi, Tianshui, Baiyin and other places, traveled nearly 5000 kilometers, visited more than 100 mixing plants, and obtained nearly 20 orders and intended orders

the tour sites have old customers who have cooperated with us for many years, and more are interested new customers who have visited before. At each station, customers affirmed the excellent technology and high-end quality of CIMC Lingyu mixer truck, which can be summarized as follows:. Satisfied with the overall situation of CIMC Lingyu mixer truck, some old customers said: "compared with other manufacturers, CIMC Lingyu mixer truck rarely appears segregation under poor road conditions. It is mixed evenly. After unloading the concrete, the spiral blades are basically clean without any material. In order to clean the car, it is only necessary to wash the blades with water pipes. The residual rate is almost zero, which greatly facilitates the maintenance of the mixer truck!" In fact, CIMC Lingyu has continuously improved the product performance, so that the high-efficiency mixing performance can earn more profits for customers and effectively reduce costs; In terms of painting, the stone strike resistant coating sprayed by CIMC Lingyu effectively protects and extends the service life of the cylinder. During the construction of the new area, the beautiful appearance has become a beautiful scenery for the construction of the northwest region

during the tour, at Furong Hotel in Lanzhou District, a batch of 10 sets of 12 square mixing trucks were to be delivered to customers. CIMC Lingyu also held a simple and warm delivery ceremony. This batch of vehicles were delivered to Lanzhou Xinyu Commercial Concrete Co., Ltd., which is mainly used for the secondary construction of Lanzhou Zhongchuan airport. The construction of the airport has particularly high requirements on the quality of concrete, especially the viscosity, uniform proportion and dry mixing effect of concrete, which require high-quality mixer to mix and transport. Therefore, the user finally chose CIMC Lingyu, which has a high degree of specialization and good reputation, after many comparisons when selecting the top loading manufacturer

after the successful conclusion of Gansu tour, we launched Ningxia tour. Through the exhibition tour, we found that more and more users recognized CIMC Lingyu's products, and gave a high evaluation to the "tank car expert" and the stability of graphene battery. At the same time, there are also new media: ultra light earth 3D printing of environmental protection materials. Some users have given us valuable opinions in combination with practical situations. The recognition of customers is the driving force for our enterprise to continue to move forward; Users' opinions and requirements are the direction of our future efforts. We believe that through our continuous improvement and promotion, we will bring greater benefits to customers

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