The most popular exotic maple in Canada

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The exotic "Maple" situation of Canada's Gabor ujietang is far away.

Gabor ujietang is produced in Canada, and its packaging style spans tradition and modernity. Each piece is packaged independently. Through the fully transparent plastic outsourcing sealed on both sides, you can clearly see the translucent candy packaging with maple leaf design inside. On the outsourcing, maple leaf labels and food related introductions are used. 4. In an environment without obvious electromagnetic interference; The paper materials are printed and pasted on the transparent plastic, adding a rustic and natural flavor. Consumers have a high support rate for products that can see the inner layer of food through double-layer packaging and match the "color" with excellent products. They feel that such food has both a sense of security and beauty, and must have different tastes in its unique packaging form. At the same time, the package has strong ethnic customs and is very suitable for export products. The relevant design concepts are worth learning from in the design process of export food packaging

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