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Expansion requires rational water purifier enterprises to be steady and steady is the king's way

in recent years, the water purifier industry has grown at a rate of almost savage growth, which has laid the groundwork for the impetuous mentality of the water purifier industry. Blind expansion and wanton promotion have overwhelmed the water purifier enterprises. Moderate expansion helps enterprises to seize a broader market space, but excessive expansion may plunge enterprises into a abyss. Therefore, in the market competition, the expansion of water purifier enterprises still needs to be done according to their capabilities

blind expansion of water purifier enterprises

looking at domestic water purifier enterprises, there are many development models. Wobbe said that the company's expertise in four major mechanical technologies is the main competitive advantage in the future. There are those who are steadfast, pay close attention to product quality and regard it as the life of the enterprise; There are those who rely on the "advantage" of price and cut corners on work and materials; There are those who rely on the local government's "strong relationship with MIT researchers to expand the material deposition on the precise position of the top or bottom layers" to stabilize the engineering channel; There are enterprises that only pay attention to "attracting investment" and regard dealers as a tool to encircle money; There are also water purifier enterprises that blindly expand the production scale in order to pursue more market share under the tight economic environment

it is undeniable that the more space an enterprise occupies in the market, the more likely it is to be favored by consumers. At present, under the situation of low brand loyalty and serious market homogenization, occupying enough market space is undoubtedly the best way to attract consumers. The counter attack of water purifier enterprises will also gain more chances of victory by virtue of their high market share. However, blind expansion is easy to lose more than gain. Because blindly expanding will inevitably increase the demand of consumers. The demand is large, but the production level and operation mechanism cannot be improved at the same time. It will only lead to the birth of a production mode that does not focus on quality. Finally, it will lose the trust of consumers and accelerate the speed of being eliminated by the market

the expansion of water purifier enterprises should be cautious

now the competition in the water purifier industry is unprecedented fierce. Under the premise of strengthening the strength of enterprises and maintaining their own business territory, development is the most basic way to welcome calls to learn more about relevant knowledge. However, blindly expanding the market scale of the enterprise not only increases the management difficulty of the enterprise, but also produces capital risk to a certain extent, which is easy to cause the enterprise to lose money for small things - neglecting the responsibility of enterprise development. Therefore, 2018 will be a small peak for the recycling of vehicle power batteries. In the market competition of scouring sand, water purifier enterprises must settle down and develop. To know that the market is like the sea and undercurrent is everywhere, enterprises must grasp the mentality and firmly stabilize the ship to ensure that they will not be involved in the undercurrent. Expansion is an inevitable trend for the development of water purifier enterprises, but expansion also needs to be carried out according to the capacity and the specific economic environment. The final result of blind expansion is likely to be a loss of money

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