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Nowadays, for fear of being affected by the price rise after the new year, many Wuhan citizens began to look for decoration companies to decorate before the new year. However, many owners decided to decorate without going to the physical store to investigate in order to get a low price, coupled with the attractive discounts on some small advertisements. How about the construction quality of these small companies? Is it as good as the advertisement says? The facts are not necessarily

not long ago, some owners found a decoration company in this way, but the project was stopped halfway. The owner complained that there was no door. The original industrial and commercial registration number and address printed by the decoration team of the decoration company were forged, so there was no such company. And the editor found in the interview that the case of the owner Mr. Liu is not a case

according to the police, there have been six reports against the head of the decoration team from last year to this year, but they are disputes and the amount is small, so it is difficult to file a case. According to insiders of the Administration for Industry and commerce, there have been more than 50 complaints against many "decoration guerrillas" so far this year

the 12315 hotline of the Administration for Industry and Commerce said that they could negotiate with the company for the owners. However, if the contract does not specify the details of the payment, or the floating space between the prepayment and the actual price is agreed, it is difficult to recover the multiple receivables. In addition, the "decoration guerrillas" are often not registered companies and do not even have business sites. In fact, it is difficult to investigate and deal with their unlicensed operations

a lawyer from a law firm in Wuhan said that consumers can sue for personal business problems in this situation. If both parties have disputes about increasing the project price, consumers can sue to the court and apply for entrusting a third-party cost consulting company to review the price

he suggested that when the owner decorates, it is best to go to the company's address for on-site investigation, and if necessary, to the industrial and commercial bureau for relevant qualifications. When signing the contract initially, both parties should strive to agree in the contract that all increased quantities should be agreed by the owner before construction. Without the consent of the owner, the owner has the right to refuse to pay the project amount




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