Brief on the graduation ceremony of the 14th techn

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A "battle" without smoke of gunpowder began quietly in the Technology Department of Chongqing Shengpu Luo head office. The most expected thing in every battle is victory, Shengpu Luo? The soldiers who painted mud spared no effort to carry forward the spirit of being a master through hard work. On August 28, 2015, they ushered in the moment of sharing victory - Saint Paul's Gong? The graduation ceremony of the 14th technical training of art coating mud. Mr. Huang, the deputy general manager of the company, manager Luo, the technical director, and manager Kong of the marketing department attended the graduation ceremony. In this technical training, more than ten people won the "first-class wall artist qualification certificate", and many others won the "second-class wall artist qualification certificate". This battle not only enabled the students to acquire new technical skills, but also added an intangible wealth to their lives

I believe that Yitu mud brings not only wealth but also brilliant life experience to all students. Believe in Saint Paul? Yitu mud will have a better tomorrow





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