Oushennuo 3D cloud design competition shocked, and

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The osheno 3D cloud design competition shocked, and the designers bid farewell to the era of "hardship"

the osheno 3D cloud design competition shocked, and the designers bid farewell to the era of "hardship"

in the beginning of spring in March, the designers who had spent the spring vacation recuperatively should also rub their hands and show their fists in 2018. However, their 2018 plan is like this:

as an interior design lion, What is the difference between 2018 and 2017

are there still endless drawings, endless plans to change, endless nights, endless construction sites, endless aesthetics, endless kisses at the end of the year

2018, ou Shennuo makes you different

in March, 2018, the first osheno customized home cup 3D cloud design competition was officially launched. This competition is specially opened to effectively promote the application of osheno online 3D cloud design system and enable consumers to realize "home of independent design" in the process of feeling the customization of high-end tiles, which is of great significance for the development of brands

the event has officially kicked off. As long as you participate, you will have the opportunity to get free seats in Europe, Japan and Singapore! The days long design journey across the world can not only go abroad and experience the world's top design and art in an all-round way, but also communicate and learn face-to-face with internationally renowned designers, enrich their knowledge and constantly improve their own design ability

it is reported that once the first osheno customized home cup 3D cloud design competition was launched, it attracted the attention of national designers. In just half a month, we received the registration information of more than 500 designers from more than 100 osheno stores across the country

at the same time, in order to improve the sense of participation of designers and enable them to skillfully use 3D cloud design software, osheno headquarters specially opened the course "3D cloud design. Basic and advanced training" during the competition. The course is taught by the 3D cloud design R & D Engineer and senior home decoration designer of osheno headquarters, including: new function explanation, space design application, cloud design use skills and other courses, focusing on the combination of theory and practice

in addition, ou Shennuo specially invited five design masters, Mr. Momo Andrea destro, the founder of mddm studio in Italy, Mr. min Jingzhi, the director of Korea space integrated architecture firm, Ms. Alina valcare, the founder of group GSA design firm, Mr. Pan Hongbin, the vice president of Hong Kong Interior Design Association, and Mr. Dong Hao, the International Studio of Beijing Institute of architectural design, to attend the judges of this competition, Carry out all-round and multi-dimensional professional comments for the contestants. I believe that designers will benefit a lot from this competition

wonderful design journey, practical 3D cloud design application courses, professional design experts' comments... Oushennuo customized home cup 3D cloud design competition allows designers not to struggle on the design road in 2018. At present, the 3D cloud design competition has entered the intense work production and upload stage. Let's look forward to more excellent works coming out





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