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Simi cabinet originated in 1934 and has a history of 82 years. It always adheres to the brand concept of "leading every detail". As a leading cabinet brand in France, Simi adheres to the goal of creating the top overall kitchen space with the highest satisfaction

Simi cabinet originated in 1934 and has a history of 82 years. It always adheres to the brand concept of "leading every detail". As a leading cabinet brand in France, Simi has been committed to creating the top overall kitchen space with the highest satisfaction since it set foot on this hot land in China, bringing French Advanced cabinet products and kitchen life concepts into thousands of Chinese consumer families

Anne leitzgen, President of France, said that the success of simi's entry into China depended not only on the accumulation of more than 80 years of customized cabinet manufacturing experience and culture, but also on the support and tolerance of Chinese friends. We attach importance to the Chinese market and expect to use more humanized products to serve the Chinese kitchen and bring you a happier and more convenient life

on the occasion of the 82nd anniversary of simi cabinet, three special cabinet products in China, namely 3D laser board, PVC blister and royal series paint baking, are launched at the same time, with a strong experience price of "hurricane" huishenzhou; Join hands with the imported brand Siemens kitchen appliances, blun Blum, the king of hardware, and Sophia wardrobe, the leader of customized home furnishings, to make a one-stop worry free home decoration and frantically make profits; On September 10, the country's first simultaneous blasting celebration will be held, with video connections, remote live broadcasts, and willful subsidies

different customization ・ same discount

7999 yuan/set in Shuangcheng

laser edge bonding plate has been widely used in Europe. Simi cabinet French factory has used this technology for 4 years, benefiting 10million users worldwide. In China, Simi cabinet is the first large-scale kitchen cabinet manufacturer using laser edge bonding plates, and the quality of the cabinets produced has been equal to that of the original French factory. This product upgrade is not only launched at the experience price, but also expects new technology and good products to enter more Chinese families. It also gives away two sets of Siemens smoke machine stoves with the original price of 5038 yuan

Fontainebleau 9999 yuan/set

this is one of the most popular simple European style cabinets. It adopts Renolit PVC film imported from Germany, with a thickness of 0.35mm, without edge banding, cracking, deformation, scratch resistance, dirt resistance, fade resistance, and is known as "no defect door panel". At present, we are the only brand in the whole industry that uses German Renolit film as a preferential, so that more people who yearn for a slow lifestyle in Europe can enjoy elegant and exquisite quality. At the same time, give a gift of 6458 yuan for 2 sets of Siemens smoke machines and stoves

phantom 10999 yuan/set

at the same price, of course, choose high-end ones! On the occasion of the 82nd anniversary of simi cabinet, the phantom package was launched, so that the paint cabinet can also be very close to the people! "9 sand, 5 bottom, 2 sides, 1 light" and other 23 processes make the paint film thick, waterproof and moisture-proof; International environmental protection paint and Italian imported equipment ensure that the paint surface has good transparency, stable quality, no color difference, unparalleled hardness and durability; Its popular blue color is profound and elegant, which is unique in the industry; Add 2 small and 1 large Blum drawer combinations to increase your storage space by 33%! It is also equipped with Siemens kitchen appliances to meet different needs

kitchen electrical appliances ・ value for money

kitchen electrical appliances are essential for every household. Good kitchen electrical appliances will bring a good overall cabinet experience, not to mention the imported brand Siemens kitchen electrical appliances! Siemens has jointly promoted this time. Many sets of cigarette machines and cooking utensils, disinfection cabinets, ovens, steamers, dishwashers and other hot-selling products all make great profits and help you build a dream kitchen

whole house customization ・ kitchen and bedroom set meal

work together to customize Sofia wardrobe, the preferred brand of home furnishing, and celebrate together. The newly launched two bedroom and one kitchen, three bedroom and one kitchen set meal, one-stop whole house customization, guaranteed price and quality

never stop sending gifts ·

whether you are a new customer or an old customer, all kinds of store entry gifts, sharing gifts, ordering gifts and payment gifts of simi cabinet are waiting for you. Hey, turn to August and September, "summer" is not an example

double the deposit ・ emotional feedback

pay a deposit ranging from 500-1000 yuan, which can be doubled on the day of the event (the maximum limit of doubling the deposit is 1000 yuan for 2000 yuan; except for special packages)

privilege deposit ・ 100 for 300

tmall flagship store pays 100 yuan in advance, you can enjoy preferential measurement + balance discount, and use it against 300 yuan (tmall can use it if it pays 10000 yuan)

the 82nd anniversary of simi cabinet allows you to enjoy French quality cabinets at an experience price, and easily take home the whole kitchen! Thank you for your trust in Simi cabinet. We will try our best to meet your wanton imagination of the kitchen and make customization no longer a luxury

in addition to the above activity discounts, there are more surprises in Simi cabinet stores nationwide! There will be some differences in the preferential contents due to different situations in different places. Please refer to the publicity of the local Simi cabinet store. Please consult the store for details. The final interpretation right of the activity is owned by Simi kitchen cabinet Co., Ltd





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